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Trigger for a booking less than 1 week away

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Registered: 9/29/21
Trigger for a booking less than 1 week away

I have a template that sends door code and other information 1 week prior to arrival, however that should only be sent once the rental agreement has been signed. If someone books less than 1 week away, what happens to this email, do I need to send it manually once they sign? Or is there a way to set it up to send as soon as they sign renter agreement?

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Trigger for a booking less than 1 week away

In the trigger, select the option "Try to send a missed trigger up until the booking has arrived." That should resolve the problem for all except extreme last-minute bookings.

Chris L
Registered: 5/17/17
Re: Trigger for a booking less than 1 week away

You should see my triggers. I have 31 of them to cover all of the potential combinations. :)

I have two separate triggers for this:

-Send Welcome Email 7 days before arrival IF RA is signed and deposit scheduled
-Send Welcome Email WHEN RA is signed IF arrival date is less than or equal to 7 days from now

That covers both situations, although there's a brief overlap where if someone signs the RA in the early morning 7 days before arrival, they may get the email when they sign and again at the time my trigger is scheduled to fire later that same day.

I also have the same email scheduled to go out 1 day before arrival just as a reminder and so it's closer to the top of their inbox for their arrival. It also helps to catch any issues where it might not have gotten sent earlier.

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