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Christie P
Registered: 7/28/16
Travel Insurance

Good Afternoon,

Did you just change the way that the AIG travel insurance shows up on quotes and bookings? I thought I saw an optional line item show up on either quotes or bookings or both. I thought there was an optional check box and a 7% charge that would appear if checked. Now there just seems to be a link to the insurance purchase page, which is fine, since it looks clearer that we are not getting the money. Just trying to get a handle on how that works and appears to guests . . .

Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: Travel Insurance

Hi Chris,

Yes, that's how it appears on the live quote that the guest sees. Maybe you're looking at the quote (and its charges) in a different place? That only shows in guest-facing areas like online when they go to accept/finalize and in emails to the guest.

If it's not showing there either, did you maybe turn it off? Check your Settings > Travel Insurance settings for that property.


Christie P
Registered: 7/28/16
Re: Travel Insurance

I'm testing the system so I was probably NOT looking from the Guest side!

Thanks so much.

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Travel Insurance

If you have travel insurance enabled, the guest can choose it during checkout.

Then, regardless of whether they chose travel insurance, you'll see a Insurance tab on the booking. If they did choose the insurance, you'll see that there. If not, it gives you the capability to send them a link to buy the insurance separately (since they've already completed checkout).

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