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Surveying members with stand alone somewhat secluded larger properties.

Feb 16, 2020 4:39 PM
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I just want to hear from those who are in a situation similar to mine:
~ Mostly family destination (but occasional spring breakers);
~ Drive-to destination;
~ Semi secluded or secluded cabins/houses sleeping 10+ (i.e sorry I am not interested in condo buildings, apartments, or homes in densely populated area, or very small ones);
~ NOT a luxury / high end pricing and clientele (middle of the road).

a) Traditional refundable damage deposit ( collected before stay and refunded after stay same way it was paid).
b) Sec Dep (credit card hold).
c) Ownerrez-linked damage insurance:
~ pass on to renter?
~ pay yourself?
d) self-insurance (i.e collect non refundable fee for each booking to use it as a damage repair reserve)

e) have you recently changed form one method to another? Any change in renter behaviors observed after you changed? (i.e if you went from refundable deposit to nonrefundable damage waiver fee, for example).