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Supposed Booking.com Payments Update

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Scott J
Registered: 3/20/19
Supposed Booking.com Payments Update

In the latest blog post you say, "we updated Booking.com cancellations to always do refunds manually."

But when I go to Edit Booking.com Channel — Credit Card Payments, there is the Automatic option, which says, "If a credit card exists, automatically apply payments/refunds based on the cancellation policy you have configured in Booking.com."

So it seems that when I chose the Automatic option, refunds are still automatic. So I don't get what is supposed to be different.

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Supposed Booking.com Payments Update

That statement refers to alterations, which will still get payments or refunds automatically as appropriate if you're in automatic mode. For example, if the guest adds a day to a booking, the payment will be charged automatically. And if the guest removes a day from the booking, then that would be refunded automatically as well.

The difference is for cancellations -- that's the case where the refund will not be automatic, so you get a chance to be in the loop, so you'll need to go in and execute cancellation refunds manually.

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