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Security for Credit Cards processing

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Security for Credit Cards processing

Hi Michelle,

I just got an email from someone that used the credit card processing from ownerrez and she told me that someone used her card and charged $4000.00 on it. Luckily, her credit card company put out an alert and everything is fine. However, she told me that she has not used her card in a long time and that she used it to book the rental.

How is the security for the credit card processing through OwnerRez?


Devin B.
Registered: 2/20/13
Re: Security for Credit Cards processing

Hi Claudia,
Thanks for contacting us. We take security very seriously. Our application runs under SSL like the banks do and we have implemented tight security controls in terms of how payments and security deposits are processed with the banks. Furthermore, we only integrate with well-known PCI-compliant gateways like Authorize.Net, PayPal, Sage, etc. We are not aware of any breeches in our system, but I will ask the dev team to take a look at your remarks for further investigation. Let me know if you find anything out on your end.

Thanks for keeping in touch,


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