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Security Deposit - Change amount after booked

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Security Deposit - Change amount after booked

Is there a way to change the Security Deposit amount, after the person has booked and paid for the booking? I was just looking and noticed that I would like lower the Security Deposit on a Return Customer. I forgot to do it before, when I quoted him. Now, I can't find how to lower it before it is due.


** Never mind. I found it. It is under Schedule. I thought I needed to enter the credit card info, but I see that it is already there and I can change the amount easily.


Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: Security Deposit - Change amount after booked

Yes, that's correct.

For anyone else who stumbles onto this topic looking for the same answer, you do the following:

- Open the booking
- Click on the security deposit tab
- Click the "Change Scheduled One" button
- Adjust the amount you want to be reserved
- Click the Save button

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