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Scheduled payment error when remaining due is $0

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Scheduled payment error when remaining due is $0

I had one renter who paid his balance due early (using link).
But on the date of normal due (30 days prior to check in) I received the email:
A scheduled payment of $0.00 for booking # ORB656392 just ERRORED

Here are some of the details...

Property: Appalachian Escape Cabin
Guest's Name: XXXXX XXXXX
Error Message: The collection amount must be greater than 0.00.

I would think that system should detect that due have been paid and NOT generate ERROR email (or at least generate something like BALANCE PAID IN FULL BY DUE DATE)

Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: Scheduled payment error when remaining due is $0

Hi BlueMtnCabins,

Yes, this is basically saying that the "remaining balance" that the scheduled payment is supposed to collect is $0 so nothing was collected. The "ERROR" language is misleading, and we do plan on changing that.

As a side note, the guest does not get any email or notification from this - only you do. So don't worry that the guest saw a message about their payment erroring.


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