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Adrienne M
Registered: 8/24/19
Rates date ranges

Newbie here. I've looked through the forum and can't find info on what I'm trying to do. I know it's user error, just not sure what exactly it is. Technically i'm not supposed to rent for less than 14 days per HOA. But my low season is next to nothing since that so I want to offer 3 days min for certain seasons. I need the rate to be per night for 3-13 days. The next category is 14-28 days and then anything more than that should be at the monthly rate. Please help.
Thank you

Adrienne M
Registered: 8/24/19
Re: Rates date ranges

In case above isn't clear, this is my goal:

3 day minim @ x nightly rate. Guest can book between 3-13 nights at that same rate per night

14 min @ x rate for 14 nights. Guest can book between 14-27 nights and any nights over 14 will be at a prorated per night rate. x/14= per night rate

monthly 28 day min at x rate for 28 nights. Guest can book 28+ and any nights over 28 will be prorated at per night rate x/28 = per night rate.

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Rates date ranges

Yes. "Seasons" can overlap, and they have the ability to set minimum and maximum number of nights. And you can connect them to different rate schemas.

So you'd have the "Summer short" season with 3 day minimum and 13 day maximum. And a "Summer long" with 13 day minimum and 27 day maximum. And a "Summer month" season with 28 day minimum and no maximum. Each with rates accordingly.

Hope this helps!

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