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Quickbooks Best practices

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Lauren W
Registered: 12/4/19
Quickbooks Best practices

Hi Guys,

We are new to Owner Rez and are loving all the integrations it has. We do use quickbooks to keep the money organized and I wanted to see if anyone else is using quickbooks and how you are using it on the quickbooks side. We keep our financials with the owners very basic and were hoping to have Owner Rez export the PM and owner splits into quickbooks so we have it all in one place. The only information we need in quickbooks is PM and owner splits and taxes.

Looking for any best practices you have using quickbooks with the Owner Rez information

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Quickbooks Best practices

Hey Lauren! Right now our QuickBooks integration only exports the other side -- the bookings. We don't push commissions, owner statements, expenses etc. It's on the roadmap though!

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