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Question about Automated messaging and Airbnb

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james L
Registered: 10/3/21
Question about Automated messaging and Airbnb

I currently have the automated messages running on Airbnb and it's running smoothly.

I'd like to check what happens to these messages when I map Airbnb with Ownerrez?

I want to set up the same (similar) messages to go out for my own website and, maybe, some other channels. However I don't want to duplicate messages or mess up the current system.

Apologies for the newbie question as I may easily have missed the answer elsewhere.


Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Question about Automated messaging and Airbnb

Couple options here:

- You could disable the messages in Airbnb, and set them up in OwnerRez instead. You can do that as ordinary emails, or via the Airbnb internal messaging system - OwnerRez integrates into that.

- Or, you could leave the messages in Airbnb, and, when you set up automatic templates and triggers in OwnerRez, use the Criteria to send them for "Everything But Airbnb."

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