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Problem with manually creating an inquiry!

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Registered: 11/17/12
Problem with manually creating an inquiry!

I get inquiries from my website as unrecognized and then manually enter in the data to create the inquiry. When I fill out the form as I have done a 100 times and push "save", it does nothing. Is there something wrong with the system?



Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: Problem with manually creating an inquiry!

Hi Jody,

Can you forward a copy of the original inquiry email to us at support@ownerreservations.com?

I have not heard of anyone else having problems, so it might be based on the one email in particular.

Also, I wanted to point out something else in case you didn't realize it. If you format the email a certain way, our system will automatically find and pull out the inquiry information so that you don't have to do the "unrecognized email" on every one. Read this for more information:



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