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Pricing Platform

Has anyone used PriceLabs or Beyond Pricing and which one do you prefer and why?

Rick K
Registered: 11/17/18
Re: Pricing Platform

I signed up with Beyond and after they got it connected they doubled my prices and I know my market and this will not work and had I not changed it I could have lost a lot of business. When I asked them to justify their prices with statistics it was lacking and they blamed me for having a high medium base price which they added to.

Blaming your customer for your own failures is always a good strategy, NOT

The worst thing is I didn't save a copy of my original rates so when I dropped them I had to spend hours manually putting rates back in, they didn't have a copy nor OwnerRez. So if you want to try them out be sure to have a record of your original rates to go back to. Their concept is good execution poor!

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Re: Pricing Platform

di you try to search the forum? Yes I used BP and now use pricelabs.

Linda H
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Re: Pricing Platform

I first tried out Beyond Pricing and didn't like the fact that they asked you for your base price (the average of your airbnb bookings). After a while I swapped over to Pricelabs instead mainly due to the fact that they recommend your base price but now have many other benefits that I like even more than pricing. Pricelabs can also set your availability. For me I may want to have minimum stays of 30 days but for the next couple of months allow guests to book for a minimum of 2 days and pricelabs does all of that.

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