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Now that you have integrated with Pricelabs, I'm curious if you or anyone who may be using it can comment on whether things are working as expected and were there any idiosyncrasies that we might need to be aware of?

Paul W
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Re: Pricelabs

From the app side of things...

Seems to be smooth overall. Their servers write to ours a couple times per day as needed. We have found them easy and straightforward to work with.

There is one thing that they are working on fixing. You need to have a "baseline rate" in OR first before their first sync/integration can kick off. Some users pointed out where they were getting a message "no availability for 365 days" or something like that. What that actually means is that PriceLabs was connecting to their OR account and not able to get a baseline RATE for a year and so they couldn't sync and their code bails out. As long as you provide some basic nightly/season rates, they'll take it from there and start writing in spot rates.

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