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Potential Issue with New Listing Site Conversion

Marina's Edge
Sep 19, 2014 12:49 PM
Joined Oct, 2012 206 posts

I really like the new functionality. As I looked into the data I realized my inquiries from my website show up as a blank for listing site. I went through the data and cleaned it up by modifying the listing site on the original inquiry. While this changed the "Inquiry Count" column it didn't change the "Booking Count" (e.g. I have bookings from these inquiries that I modified but they don't show as bookings, the still show in the "direct" column.

I also noticed that the data for inquiries where no property is selected don't show on the report but I would expect them to show up since they are inquiries that didn't result in a booking.

Finally, the color legends don't seem to come across for all listing sites.

Thanks in advance, let me know if I can help debug this.


Chris Hynes
Sep 19, 2014 2:26 PM
OR Team Member Joined Oct, 2012 1396 posts

Can you send me a couple of the inquiry and booking numbers for the website bookings where you updated the listing site? I'll look into why they're not connecting properly.

Good point -- the report is filtered by the properties you select in the criteria section above, but doesn't have a way to include items with no property. I'll add that.

Legend colors only show up for items with > 5% of the conversion pie chart (that's > 5% of the area in the chart, not > 5% conversion rate). That's so you don't have a ton of tiny pie slices that are indistinguishable. Maybe a pie isn't the best way to represent the data. What do you think about switching to a bar chart?

I've also been wondering if it would be useful to visualize change over time for the conversion. Would you want to be able to break down by month or year and see that you got 15% for VRBO in 2013 and 29% for VRBO in 2014?