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OpenEdge - I DO NOT recommend!

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Rich S
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OpenEdge - I DO NOT recommend!

Sorry Paul - I meant that I asked/emailed VRBO/Homeaway about getting access.

I'm about to add a 3rd unit when I get some free time, probably next week. So I was excited to see the comment about having a 'self-service' option for people with <5 properties.

In the meantime, the channel bridge works splendidly, I like the fact that there is an intermediate spreadsheet created because it gives me a place to check before updates get applied.

In any case, I've had no problems whatsoever with BOOKINGS and the issue with duplicated reviews is minor for me. I haven't even bothered to delete them but I imagine that will be easy when I get around to it.

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Re: OpenEdge - I DO NOT recommend!

JTVRs said:

I filled out the lynnbrook form like 3 weeks ago, and they never got back to me!

This was my experience as well. Tried twice to give them my money, apparently they didn't want it. Never received a response from them.

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