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OpenEdge - I DO NOT recommend!

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Rich S
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OpenEdge - I DO NOT recommend!

Sorry Paul - I meant that I asked/emailed VRBO/Homeaway about getting access.

I'm about to add a 3rd unit when I get some free time, probably next week. So I was excited to see the comment about having a 'self-service' option for people with <5 properties.

In the meantime, the channel bridge works splendidly, I like the fact that there is an intermediate spreadsheet created because it gives me a place to check before updates get applied.

In any case, I've had no problems whatsoever with BOOKINGS and the issue with duplicated reviews is minor for me. I haven't even bothered to delete them but I imagine that will be easy when I get around to it.

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Re: OpenEdge - I DO NOT recommend!

JTVRs said:

I filled out the lynnbrook form like 3 weeks ago, and they never got back to me!

This was my experience as well. Tried twice to give them my money, apparently they didn't want it. Never received a response from them.

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Re: OpenEdge - I DO NOT recommend!

Chris Hynes said:

We've heard from HomeAway that they're working on a "self service" option for the API integration that will allow people with less than 5 properties to sign up for that integration. That's due out later this year, but we don't have any specifics or ETA on it yet.

any news on owners with less than 5?

I called them about a month ago and was told "no".

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