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Need advice on how to set Efficient communication for multi channel / team of people

Anna WonderView
Jul 11, 2021 8:17 PM
Joined Jul, 2021 2 posts

Hi guys, I’m new to OwnerRez, going through the setup now.
Made great progress, almost ready to unblock the dates to start receive bookings again, but I have several questions regarding communication:

I need to share the calendar with cleaners - thus far I’m sharing Airbnb iCal link, but now I’ll have direct booking and vrbo - is there a universal iCal link to share?

I also need to give access to messages from three sources to my local managers to handle communication while guests are staying at my properties, and I probably will train the assistant to help with prearruval communications, checking on payments, agreements etc - will they have to use OwnerRez as well?

Can you set the permissions so they have access only to certain parts?

Is there a way to set notifications on the phone when booking is happening or message arrives?

In order to communicate with the guests - do I have to reply through individual platform or can it be a common place?

Wondering how you guys set the communication when you have multiple channels and team of people to help in certain areas.

Thank you!