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Modifying the rate structure

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J. Marker
Registered: 9/15/12
Modifying the rate structure

We've used Owner Reservations for 18 months now and really appreciate the system. It makes us more efficient in many ways. However, we band our rates by the size of the group staying at our homes, for example - 4 to 9 guests, 10 to 15 guests, and and 16-20 guests. We aren't structured in a way where we have a base rate which increases with each additional person, so we have to manually adjust each quote before it goes out. That's okay, but just wondered if there was any way to customize your system a bit more for our needs.
Thank you!
Laurie Elliott

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Modifying the rate structure

We don't have anything in place to do this automatically right now.

I've added rate bands like you've suggested to our list of ideas to research and implement.

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