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lAxccidental Damage Insurance question

Sheron Scurlock
Sep 14, 2019 5:10 PM
Joined Jun, 2019 8 posts

I just had an instant booking come into OR via VRBO. They paid VRBO $59 for the accidental damage insurance, but I noticed I will be charged $20 for it through OR. My understanding was they had to have an address given in order for the insurance to be purchased, and that VRBO was not providing that info to OR. Am I mistaken?

I don't want to be charged $20 when they have already purchased it elsewhere.

Sheron Scurlock

Sep 17, 2019 3:39 PM
Joined Jul, 2018 24 posts

the HA "accidental" damage insurance doesn't cover you, it covers the guest. if the guest disputes the claim, you get nothing.

ARDI covers you. You are their insured, not the guest. That makes a difference when you're putting in a claim.

Paul W
Sep 18, 2019 10:12 AM
OR Team Member Joined Jun, 2009 800 posts

SBF Vacation Ren is exactly right. The ARDI (damage protection) sold through OwnerRez is a "spread risk" model that covers you (the owner or PM) and does not involve the guest. This is real coverage that you can rely on. What the guest buys on VRBO and Airbnb is mostly to protect the guest and if they choose to admit that it was their fault (many do not). CSA, the carrier for VRBO, requires that the guest be involved and admit fault or they will not cover the damage. Airbnb is exactly the same way - their "host guarantee" is a very hollow promise that requires the guest to be involved.

Read more about the ARDI program from OwnerRez here: