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Is there not a search button for the forums?

Monica R
Mar 20, 2018 1:36 PM
Joined Feb, 2018 86 posts

I have to believe someone has asked all the same questions I have and I'd like to be able to SEARCH the forums to answers instead of re-asking the same questions. I can't for the life of me, find a search field though. Am I blind, a dumbass, or doesn't one exist?


Sam Westcott
Mar 20, 2018 1:46 PM
OR Team Member Joined Dec, 2009 240 posts

@Monica: the top search box on the Support page searches all support articles, forums and blogs posts. This guy here:

Monica R
Mar 20, 2018 1:58 PM
Joined Feb, 2018 86 posts

Thanks Sam. I tried that and I was obviously not putting in the right terms because I couldn't find what I needed. Thanks, I will continue to use that search field.


Mar 28, 2018 8:41 PM
Joined Jul, 2017 13 posts

Just fyi, I'm not sure if the search is working always (altho it could be user error of course!). When I was looking through different topics, I saw that there was something on VacationSoup...I didn't stop because I didn't want to get distracted from what I was originally looking for. But when I went back to find the VacationSoup instance using the search, it didn't come up. I searched on 'VacationSoup' and 'vacationsoup' & the result was "We don't have anything that matches those words", but there is something: https://www.ownerreservations.com/support/articles/vacationsoup-ownerrez-widgets. Searching on 'soup' only also didn't turn up this post. Thanks!