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I see that there is mention of the insurance on the checkout screen and on the Ownerreservations website, but it does not appear that the feature is implemented yet. Is there a time line to make that happen?


Michelle J
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Re: Insurance

Hi David,

We've got Travel Insurance and Damage Protection both at about 75% completeness in terms of development.

In Q4 of 2010, we decided to hold both of those features and spend more time working on core aspects of the current system. Feedback and helps requests have been pouring in at a very quick rate on things that we deemed to be more important.

We believe that existing features should be rock-solid before moving on to new ones. For instance, surcharges have a lot to be desired and there needs to be a mechanism for guests to sign leases (or the owner to upload a manual one) outside of the quote/payment form process. Both of those aspects are much more integral to the day-in/day-out process of managing bookings than insurance.

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