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Inquiries from Vrbo within OR?

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Denise A
Registered: 9/6/21
Inquiries from Vrbo within OR?

Finishing my initial setup and still perplexed why I'm not seeing inquiries from Vrbo? Airbnb works fine..

Under the Api integration area, all the properties say feed status is Included, and I "Triggered a full sync" last night, but it still says "sync pending".

What am I doing wrong?

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Inquiries from Vrbo within OR?

It is normal for Vrbo inquiries not to come in to OwnerRez - they don't provide enough information for us to handle them effectively. Vrbo inquiries should be handled using Vrbo messaging tools, let OwnerRez take over once the guest makes a booking.

For API connection issues, please write into the Helpdesk, but note - setting up and activating the Vrbo API is slow. It can take several days after you've done the QC process before it'll be fully working; this is normal.

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