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Pawel K
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Have the inquiry features described below been released? If not, can you give a general date for when they might be available?

The vast majority of inquiries come to owners through property listing sites like HomeAway or VRBO. Each inquiry comes in email form which doesn't allow the owner to easily store, track and book based on that information, at least not without doing a lot of double entry.

We're going to fix that problem. By providing a "middle tier" that intercepts the email, we will enable owners to prepare quotes with just a few clicks and track which bookings came from which inquiries.

Michelle J
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Re: Inquiries

Pawel K said:

Have the inquiry features described below been released?

No, not yet.

Pawel K said:

If not, can you give a general date for when they might be available?

It is the second/next item in the development queue right now.

The current feature being worked on our travel insurance/damage protection integration with Travel Guard. This will allow you to offer fast one-click travel insurance and damage protection to guests directly in the OwnerRez workflow. You can then automatically not reserve security deposits if the guest opted for travel insurance, and so on.

After this is released, we'll be beginning work on inquiry interception and management. Inquiry management is very important to us because it will provide much-needed tracking information between listing sites and bookings.

As for a general date, look to have the first feature release on this no later than mid-to-end August. We develop in a small iterative way which means that each new feature release contains only a few basic options and then we push out a few more options after that and so on. This allows us to focus on what works and get customer feedback quickly instead of spending month/year long chunks of time on large efforts.

Michelle J
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Re: Inquiries


I wanted to put an update on this thread just in case you hadn't seen it already. Inquiry management has been released.

You can read more about it on your blog. Here's 4 blog posts about it from earlier this week:


Hope this helps,


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