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HTML on the Rental Agreement

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Glenn Moore
Registered: 11/11/12
HTML on the Rental Agreement

I have recently been big on updating my emails with direct HTML to make them look a lot better. With an HTML editor like "KOMODO for the Mac", I can easily take an email template, click the HTML button, copy the HTML code, edit it nicely in the offline editor and then copy all and paste it back into the HTML section for the email template. Works really nice and I have cleaner looking emails going out.

However I can't seem to do this with the rental agreement (which is big and kinda messy from a formatting perspective for me). When I click the HTML button when in edit mode, either nothing happens on some computers, or I do get a popup window with nothing in it. Is there a trick to seeing and editing the HTML code for rental agreements? It seems the same on the surface as the email templates.


Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: HTML on the Rental Agreement

Hi Glenn,

You're right about the renter agreement editor. We'll be changing it to match the same editor (and set of fields) that the email templates use. The old editor and fields that are there now are based on a design from several years ago and it was never updated. We'll also be adding support for custom fields. It will basically be a carbon copy of what you see with email templates. You are right that there is a problem with the HTML button. That stopped working one or two releases ago because of some updates.


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