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Randy Juneau
Registered: 5/26/12
HTML Calculations?

Just wondering if the html will do calculations like
{BTRENT} / {BNNGHTS} * .80

I tried a few things but it doesn't seem to recognize any of the html code for calculations that are suggested in web searches I found.

Trying to automate my discount offered to booked guests for orphan nights adjacent to their stay to reduce the number of emails back and forth. Thanks for your help!

Registered: 6/6/16
Re: HTML Calculations?

There is another way of doing it. You create a trigger X days before guest's arrival if you have orphan night before/after their reservation. And trigger will send them email like this:


I just noticed that the {BADJOPEN} your reservation is still open.

Would you like to stay an additional night for 25% off? (plus applicable tax).  If you are interested, please reply to this email.

Thank you for choosing {PDISPNAME}!

If they agree, you just do manual calculation of how much it will be.

William S
Registered: 9/11/18
Re: HTML Calculations?

I am looking for a way to do this for final payment. I want to offer a two percent discount for check payments, and want to calculate the amount for them in the email.

Has anyone been able to automate this?

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