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How did you find us? optional question/field

Aug 4, 2017 2:05 PM
Joined Jun, 2016 993 posts

Other than knowing which website the given traveler has inquired from or booked, is there a way to add optional question/field to inquiry/quote widget and /or check out form so that owner may know where/how the guest found owners' website? I advertise on craigslist, visitmysmokies etc, have presence on google etc. So when those people finally get to website, I do not know where they found it 9 they could have seen my ad on CL, or saw it on Google, or Visitmysmokies). would be good if I know what site has driven the inquiry. Or is there any other way to know this?

Chris Hynes
Aug 5, 2017 10:09 PM
OR Team Member Joined Oct, 2012 1349 posts

This is a good one. I know several people put text on their site asking them to enter that in the comments, but that's sort of brittle. We could put a free text field for that on the widget, but there are already a ton of fields there.

Best idea would be to use a custom field to capture that on checkout: https://www.ownerreservations.com/support/articles/capture-additional-fields-on-checkout-quote-acceptance