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Homeaway and Property Management

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Norman J
Registered: 6/28/18
Homeaway and Property Management

I cam upon this passage below in the homeaway forum. I want to be able to manage my security deposits myself and not have them escrowed at HA. This makes it seem like it is possible if I set myself up as a property manager. Any thoughts?

Do I have to pay a booking fee on the security deposit?
Security deposits are subject to a 3% processing fee but no commission. The processing fee is refunded when you refund the deposit. If you are a property manager managing your HomeAway listings from within your software, security deposits are subject to the processing fee set by your merchant processor but no commission.

HomeAway Community Manager

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Homeaway and Property Management

I believe HomeAway requires 5+ properties to be configured as a property manager.

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