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Jacques L
Registered: 6/2/14
holiday surcharge?

I can't seem to add a holiday surcharge. I have it on 3 of my 4 properties, so it must be there somewhere...


is how to add a surcharge, but I just don't see box about holidays in there...

Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: holiday surcharge?

Great question. You do that with the applies to and multiplier fields

For instance, say you want to charge a holiday fee of $50 per holiday for each stay. Do the following:

- Put in "Holiday fee" or some name
- Set the amount to $50
- Set applies to Per Multiplier
- Set multiplier to Holiday per 1 after the first 0


Jacques L
Registered: 6/2/14
Re: holiday surcharge?

Got it working, thanks much!

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