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General Lock code - reports

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Glenn Moore
Registered: 11/11/12
General Lock code - reports

Hi, I have a two properties each with lock codes I can set remotely (using Vera and Zwave). Unfortunately it is not one of the e-rental locks that was just added as an integration point. I import bookings from Airbnb and VRBO and that is pretty easy. I have set up a custom field for the lock code so that triggered emails can use it.

However each time I import new bookings, I have to go and click each one to see which ones are new (ie. the custom field for my lock code is blank). There there a report I can show that will show each booking and allow me to select custom fields to add to it? That would save a lot of time for me. I can then import new bookings and run a report to see which ones have a blank lock code and then update those ones.


Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: General Lock code - reports

Great idea! I'll note it down and see if we can get a report in for that.

In the meantime, you can see the custom fields on the Stay Reports. If you pull a date range report for the next year, you can scan down the custom fields column and see which ones have fields set. Hopefully that'll help a bit.

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