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Email trigger specific to the season

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Email trigger specific to the season

I have an email template that I send to guests who are booked to stay in Nov - march time frame (outlines weather conditions and that it may snow). What i have been doing is having it triggered x days after booking is created for specific rate "seasons". issue is that while it may be a calendar winter, it may have rate "season" of Standard (default rate), so the email does not trigger. I do not want to apply the trigger across the board as Standard may cover some dates in Sep, for example, when "winter" warning does not apply.

Ifs there a way to define calendar 'season" or trigger to send email for stays falling into in Nov - March time frame? TIA

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Email trigger specific to the season

Could you make a Winter season with the same rates as the Standard? That'd be the way to do it right now.

The other way would be to have arrival date range criteria on the trigger as well, which is on our to do list.

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