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Email replies from guests

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Rob D
Registered: 2/25/21
Email replies from guests

How do I get reply emails from guests to show up in ownerrez?

For example, we have our own website, the guest fills out a booking inquiry, we then reply to that inquiry in ownerrez with a quote, customer replies to that email… but their reply only goes to our external email inbox.

How do I get their reply to also be imported in to ownerrez and presumably show up next to the booking in question?

We verified our domain with ownerrez, so our outgoing emails appear to come from our domian, but how to we get the replies to comeback in to ownerrez? Is it as simply as setting an email account forwarder from ouremail@ourdomain.com to ouruniquecode@inquiryspot.com?

Thanks for the help 👍

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Email replies from guests

At present, OwnerRez doesn't have a fully integrated inbox like you're describing - return emails go directly to your own email inbox and client program. This is something planned for the future.

Yes, you can forward emails to the inquiryspot address, but OwnerRez won't know what to do with them - they'll show up as unidentified inquiries.

Rob D
Registered: 2/25/21
Re: Email replies from guests

Ahhhh that is a shame and I might have overstated OwnerRez's capabilities to the guys that will be dealing with bookings. As under the booking-messages tab I had seen "Search for all emails sent or received for this booking"

But if not, then any emails sent via ownerrez will not be present on the email accounts sent folder, and any emails we get back won't be present in ownerrez and so that makes keeping an audit trail of communications very messy.

I had assumed there might have been some unique identifier in the outgoing ownerrez emails message-header/return-path, that when email replies came back, ownerrez knew what to do with it and assigned it to a booking (assuming the guest replied to the message and hadn't composed a new fresh email. Or even at worst case, ownerrez acted as another email client and essential created a rule based on the customers email address to assign it to a guest record).

OK second question then...

Say we did set up a forwarder from our email address to ourunique@inquiryspot.com account and as you say, ownerrez pulls guest replies in to the system as a new inquiry and doesn't know what to do with it... Is there a way you can manually assign that email/new inquiry to a current booking, quote or customer? Thus a manual work around for keeping an audit trail?


Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Email replies from guests

Yes, we do have plans to add a full unified email inbox, as we have for Airbnb messaging and SMS, but currently the only inbound emails supported in to OwnerRez are inquiries, not replies from the guest on a booking. Replies from the guest will go back to your email program.

If you want to store the outbound emails in your email program too, the best way to do that is to turn on the "send me a copy" on the template, which will send a copy of the email to your email as well as the guest.

There's not currently a way to link inbound emails to a booking in OwnerRez -- they'd just create inquiries.

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