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Damage Insurance

Stacy S
Feb 12, 2019 9:56 PM
Joined Feb, 2019 31 posts

Is this damage insurance in place for every reservation that feeds into the platform? I have it on but have 2 VRBO guests that I had pay their $59 insurance fee. Does that mean I'm paying $20 and they're covered twice?

Just want to make sure I understand that before I take the VRBO option off of my booking settings.


Paul W
Feb 13, 2019 10:30 AM
OR Team Member Joined Jun, 2009 800 posts

Yes, our damage protection (ARD) product covers all bookings equally. You don't pick or choose (or offer it optionally to guests on a case by case basis) like you do with travel insurance. It covers everything by default. If VRBO guests buy the CSA policy, then you would have double coverage yes. I would not trust the CSA coverage however - it requires admission of guilt by the guest in order to be paid out which can be a large obstacle. Our product was designed to be low cost (a spread risk model) and not involve the guest.

Stacy S
Feb 13, 2019 10:34 AM
Joined Feb, 2019 31 posts

That's PERFECT! Thank you so much. And yes, definitely a much better solution. I rarely have problems and take a small deposit that covers the little things. -That's more to make them feel accountable than concern about the little things.