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CSS (maybe?) help?

Feb 28, 2020 10:59 AM
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Without going through hours of tutorials.

I use website builder that offers Html Embed object (iframe) that I use to embed the inquiry/.book widget.
Here is my dilemma:
The defaults supplied Html embed object does not stretch/expand based on embedded widget stretshing when dates, number of people etc are entered/ So I have to make container much longer so that when people enter their data and clisk "see detal", the Book button is not hidden from view.

I do have some control of the Html Head and code area of the container (that is where I add my widget code).
Is there some property that I can specify to make container auto resize, either in OR widget CSS or in the container code itself?
yes I plowed =google etc.
No, host support is not help, they do not appear to know what exact properties their drag and drop objects have. But I would think any sitebuilder canned object should be resizable based on content, just do not know how to invoke it.


Chris Hynes
Feb 28, 2020 1:04 PM
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Our widgets have auto-resize code in them and they'll resize to fit the available space if you place them directly on the page.

Problem is, a lot of modern site builders wrap the OwnerRez widget with their own extra <iframe> wrapper for security. It does increase security if you're running untrusted code or letting random people paste scripts on your page. But the security also keeps the OwnerRez widget from being able to access the page and resize itself. See screenshot below.

Really the only way to fix this is to use a site builder that lets you embed the OwnerRez widget code directly on the page instead of inside a sandboxed iframe. Do that and our resize code will work.

If not, it's up to whatever code the site builder you're working with uses to resize, which ave you've seen is usually quite limited. And since there's that security sandboxing around the widget code, there's no way we can do anything about it :-/

Feb 28, 2020 1:22 PM
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Thank you.The only thing I managed to do is to code overflow-y: auto on some widget containers (like the Smokies owners one); it creates a scroll bar but better than having endless empty space on the page to accommodate yo-yoing widget content.

<div style="height: 1010px; overflow-y : auto;padding:5px;">