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Channel Bridges--testing them out

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Barbara S
Registered: 7/19/17
Channel Bridges--testing them out

I wanted to test these out during the free period so am trying to figure it out..

When I went in to "Settings"-->"Channels" i already had a TripAdvisor one set up (perhaps I did it in the past & didn't recall)? It doesn't have my TripAdvisor ID in it though (which I have) & won't allow me to add it. [Note: I was actually originally a FlipKey PPB lister & all got changed to TripAdvisor, altho I note that there is still the option to add a FlipKey channel -- should I do that instead of TripAdvisor?]

I added AirBNB & HomeAway channels & also the listing numbers for my properties. When I am in the AirBNB or HomeAway channel, there is a clickable button (upper right) that says "Channel Bridge Import". What happens if I click that? I don't want to change anything on my AirBNB/HomeAway listings by accident.

Thank you,

Paul W
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Re: Channel Bridges--testing them out

Hi Barbara,

Sorry for the confusion. There is a new "direct" channel option for TripAdvisor now. I just noticed that the tile isn't showing, because we were working with a limited beta group for awhile, but you can start the process by using this direct link:


That will get you connected. Keep in mind that TripAdvisor must approve you first as a "PM" and convert your account over. Look at the Instructions tab after creating the channel and follow what it says.

The "synced" channels for TripAdvisor an FlipKey are basically calendar import/exports and ways of mapping your property IDs so that when we get email inquiries, we know what property in OR it goes with.

Direct and synced channels are two different things. The direct channels are where our servers have a certified partner-level integration with the channel and talk directly with their database under the covers.

Now, on Channel Bridge...

Channel Bridge is a tool we created that helps users quickly "bring over" booking data from VRBO and Airbnb after the booking is imported from the VRBO/Airbnb calendar. Instead of having a "shell booking" in OwnerRez with just a guest name and blocked-off dates, you can use Channel Bridge to fully flesh out the guest contact info, charges, payments, fees and more, and in a much faster way. Here is an overview support article about Channel Bridge:


And then read this about how to install it:


We are constantly adding more support to this and our goal is to surface buttons inside of OwnerRez directly so that you the Channel Bridge functionality will happen automatically. Bookings will update several times per day with you having to press the Channel Bridge buttons.

Pro tip: If you run Channel Bridge to bring in information for a booking that already had charges/payments entered in VRBO, make sure to use the "overwrite" option when importing from Channel Bridge.

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Re: Channel Bridges--testing them out

I asked TA to enable channel management integration and they said NO. They say I must have at least 5 properties (I have 3).

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Channel Bridges--testing them out

Yep, they have that 5+ requirement right now. We're talking with them to see if they can relax it for us since the integration is very self service and shouldn't take much time on their part, but we'll see.

Either way, we'll soon have channel bridge for TA as well as the Airbnb and VRBO ones we already have. If anybody has a TA payment export they want to send over or an account we can look at that actually has bookings, send over to help@ownerreservations.com -- the hardest part right now has been finding enough data to get an idea of their formats :-o

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