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Calendar Sync Partially Obstructed

Aug 12, 2022 5:50 PM
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I have 3 units on Airbnb  Unit1, Unit2 and Unit3. Unit 3 actually consist of both units ( 1 and 2 together for a bigger party).  When I exported Airbnb the calendars to Owner Rez. Under the Unit 3 I have Ical from Unit 1 and Unit2).  When any day is booked  in Unit 1  or unit 2 that date automatically should show unavailable under unit 3.  The problem is that for some dates ( not all)  The calendar shows Partially Obstructed instead of Fully Obstructed.   Some dates under Unit 3 show available even thought it should show unavailable.   For example  Unit 1 is booked 08/18 - 08/21   and Unit2  08/20- 08/24.   I would expect Unit 3 be unavailable 08/18 - 08/24 .   But the calendar in Airbnb shows 08/20/22 -08/24/22.       Unit 1 does show blocked dates ( under Unit3) but only if Unit 2 is not booked.  When some of the  same dates are booked in Unit 1 and Unit 2.   Unit # only shows blocked dates from Unit 2.  sorry for confusion

Ken T
Aug 15, 2022 2:31 PM
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Yeah, I'm confused...  But, I think that what you really want here is our Mutual Blocking configuration:



Aug 15, 2022 4:54 PM
Joined Jun, 2022 7 posts

Thank you Ken,  Yes Mutual Blocking.  One of the FaceBook group pointed me into that directions.   After I deleted the iCal and disabled  it. I was able to link the Mutual Blocking .  It works the way it supposed to now.