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Calendar Import/Export Conflicts

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James W
Registered: 11/15/17
Calendar Import/Export Conflicts

I both import from and export to VRBO. When a booking comes in from VRBO, it is then exported back to VRBO and thus shows a conflict there. It's not a huge deal since I know it's there and what's causing it, but is it possible to prevent imported bookings from being exported back? Thanks!

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: Calendar Import/Export Conflicts

We have a todo list item to allow you to exclude bookings from a listing site from a calendar export. Once that's in place you'll be able to create a custom calendar export, exclude the VRBO bookings, and use that for VRBO instead of the default export.

In the meantime, like you mentioned, it doesn't actually hurt anything on the VRBO side to have the extra blocks, it is more of a display issue with how they show the calendars.

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