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Booking.com - How do you?

Feb 11, 2023 6:27 PM
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We are having enough issues with Booking.com that we are considering terminating our listings on their sites...   Questions I have for you all...

1.  How do you deal with the bookings where they have your property listed on sites like - GETAROOM.COM (and others) where when the booking is created the guest information comes in with the listing sites address and phone number not the guests and it has a a guest booking.com email.    We find we have absolutely zero way to contact the guest.  Email messages enter into a black hole because the guest doesn't have a booking.com account that they get email from.  Phone number is a customer service line and they will provide zero information you have to go through booking.com...  Booking.com support has to reach out to the partner website and they won't give them emails or phone numbers either.     We've had guest show up at a self check-in property with zero information and of course it is our fault!  What do you do with these strange bookings and more importantly how are you identifying them and addressing them before the issue becomes an issue?

2.  BDC payments come in various forms... they can send you the full card number they can send you a virtual card.. Payments probably 50% of the time fail because BDC did not send over to us the CVV for a card or the correct address information.   We can force the payments through but it circumvents all fraud detection and we end up paying a higher credit card rate because we didn't collect this information.   We've talked to every level of support and our account rep about this and they tell us our account is setup correctly and we should be getting all information and yet it still just doesn't happen.   How are you managing the processing of payments with BDC?  

Love to hear some suggestions... other than drop BDC.

Patricia Knight
Feb 21, 2023 4:34 PM
Joined Jan, 2020 8 posts

I was having the issue with payments and I called up Booking.com and they walked me through the process of setting to pre-authorize cards.  It solved the problem I just don't remember where that setting was.  I have to say that since then, Booking.com sent me an offer to have it where BDC processes all payments and I implemented this as it made my job much easier to not have to deal with the payments, just make sure the deposits come through.  ;-)