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Booked Confirmation Email

Jun 8, 2016 5:02 PM
Joined Apr, 2012 395 posts

Hi guys,

I am trying to figure out how to add a paragraph to my Booked Confirmation Email. I used to be able to go in there and add it. Now it is all summed up together.


Michelle J
Jun 9, 2016 9:48 AM
OR Team Member Joined Jan, 2011 582 posts

Hi Claudia,

You can edit the Booking Confirmation Email now directly. It's a template.

When we made the transition to a template (from the old "email paragraphs" system) we made sure to move over old user's paragraphs using a custom field called email paragraphs. Do you see that in there? If so, you could find and edit that custom field under the Property > Custom Field.

Does that make sense?


Jun 9, 2016 12:04 PM
Joined Apr, 2012 395 posts

Found it. Thanks!