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ARDi damage insurance

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Registered: 6/6/16
ARDi damage insurance

I do not have it turned on, but was wondering if I can specify different coverage amount per different property? or they all have to be the same?

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: ARDi damage insurance

Yes, you can have a different coverage per property. For bookings in the same property it has to be the same coverage, but different properties can be different.

Registered: 6/25/18
Re: ARDi damage insurance

OK. 4 groups have booked so far ( I am taking it slow).

Major annoyance

2 scratched up several pieces of furniture. Only saw 1 chihuahua.

1 bloodied up a brand new king bedsheet (ok, was only$25)

1 left a permanent waterstain on a wood side table.

Not at all what I expected. The Mrs. is very unhappy.

What would ARDI have done in these 4 instances?

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