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AirBNB not showing property

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Sarah H
Registered: 7/4/19
AirBNB not showing property

I contacted AirBNB and I have a note out to the OwnerRez team, my properties are not showing on the site. I would love any help if anyone has dealt with that. We are on API, and we have had plenty of bookings (and cancels of late), not sure what occured. I still see the properties on both owner rez and AirBNB, just not when viewing as a customer.

Paul W
Registered: 6/9/09
Re: AirBNB not showing property

Hi Joe,

I opened a few of your listings directly and I see what you mean. They redirect back to the Airbnb home page. I don't see anything wrong with your API connection on our side - it's active and appears to be pushing updates okay. Let me know what Airbnb says please! 🤔

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