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AirBnB CRM and URLs (and specifically the Rental Agreement)

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Glenn Moore
Registered: 11/11/12
AirBnB CRM and URLs (and specifically the Rental Agreement)

I have a question regarding using the CRM (specifically with the AirBnB channel but perhaps others as well). Perhaps someone has a work around or can advise me on a better approach.

Since going with the full API for my listing sites I am really enjoying the channel communications through CRM. Back in the day, when a booking was imported from AirBnB, I sent out regular emails for things like instructions, rental agreement link, etc. Some guests had trouble with the regular email. I like that we can create templates and use them in the AirBnB CRM now and that this goes through AirBnB messaging. However AirBnB removes all URLs from the message. Case in point, my standard "Please sign Rental Agreement" gets the OR link to the rental agreement blocked.

As anyone determined an approach to use CRM (with AirBnB.. or others) that preserve the links? Or are will still relegated to email for this approach.


Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: AirBnB CRM and URLs (and specifically the Rental Agreement)

Yes, Airbnb does remove all URLs from their internal messages - but only for guests who have not yet booked. Once a guest has booked, the URLs aren't removed, so you can use the link to get the Rental Agreement signed at that time.

However, generally we recommend using the email method as well, just to make sure.

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