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Marina's Edge
Registered: 10/10/12

Any recommendations for handling AirBnB? Currently it is 100% manual and I can't get the balances to match since Airbnb collects a surcharge...

Michelle J
Registered: 1/6/11
Re: AirBnB

Hi Marinas Edge,

When entering manual bookings from other booking services (such as Airbnb), I would recommend putting in charges that match what the guest paid, not the total Airbnb charged. You always want your booking charges in OwnerRez to reflect real revenue so that your reports are accurate.

Then, in terms of the fees Airbnb charges, I would enter that in your accounting system. So if you import your OwnerRez booking charges into QuickBooks, for instance, you'd add a negative $50 (or whatever the Airbnb fee was) as well so that the bank records match up.

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