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Adding a third party to process payments

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Becky G
Registered: 11/13/19
Adding a third party to process payments

I am still undecided about setting up my own merchant account due to my low volume of direct bookings. I currently have my PM handle all my payments, and then of course the other big websites as well. Is it possible to add a link to my PM under the category "Add A Custom Payment Method" so that renters can still instant book but so that all my payments for direct bookings run through my PM?

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Adding a third party to process payments

If you have low volume, we've found that Stripe is more willing to establish a merchant account for you than other providers. You might give them a call.

As far as using your PM for payments, the simplest solution would be if your PM would agree to use OwnerRez, or to allow you to use his payment processor in your OwnerRez account to receive payment. That would work normally.

Otherwise, what did you have in mind for payment - that your guests would be sent over to some other website where your PM is able to accept payments? You could give instructions for that in "Add A Custom Payment Method", but I think a lot of guests would find that kind of sketchy and be reluctant. You'd also have no automatic way of knowing who made what payments when, and of course OwnerRez wouldn't be able to schedule or collect any payments on its own. We don't recommend this approach.

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