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Jeanna G
Registered: 2/10/17
Kaba locks support

Oh gahhhhh I can’t believe I just paid $700 to have this lock installed & its doesn’t work with owner rez. I feel super stupid. It’s the lock that everyone here in Panama City beach is pushing. Ughhhhh. I did a quick look here & saw an integration and just saw it’s for PM ONLY. Any news on this update? I’m dying 😵 ahhhhh!

Ken T
Registered: 8/7/19
Re: Kaba locks support

Alas, no - there's no technical reason from OwnerRez' perspective why it won't work, it's just that Kaba doesn't allow it. Perhaps if they get more people pushing them for this capability, they will finally add it - they announced it some years ago, but so far it has not yet happened.

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