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Danica C
Registered: 2/7/20
CSS help

Hi everyone. I am kind of OCD about my website look. I want all headings and titles matched by color, etc. This means I will use the CSS portion of OwnerRez with my widgets. I know how to use CSS but I don't know how to use it on OwnerRez. For example, on my website, I would write the CSS and give each style a name, and then I would call that name in the html code when I wanted to use that style. However, with a widget, I don't know what names the widget is calling. I can't see the widget code. How do I use CSS on OwnerRez? Specifically, I want the headings on my fillable blanks (like name, phone number on the quoting/inquiry widget) to be navy blue instead of black. How would I get that? Thanks!

Here is the widget on my page:

Chris Hynes
Registered: 10/19/12
Re: CSS help

You can also apply CSS on element types or other classes already there. In this case it looks like you already figured it out :-D -- apply the color on the label element.

We do need to go through and give each element in the widgets its own class so it's even easier to style -- that's on our voluminous TODO list already ;-)

Chris W
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Re: CSS help

I'm Having a similar issue and can't figure out how to get the Book Now Quote Info Box colors changed. I found that the class=booknow-quote-info box and changed the information I needed changed to:

.background-color {rgb(191, 248, 70)}
.background-image {linear-gradient(rgb(191, 248, 70) 0%, rgb(167, 215, 62) 100%)}
.border-bottom-color {rgb(0, 128, 0)}
.border-left-color {rgb(0, 128, 0)}
.border-right-color {rgb(0, 128, 0)}
.border-top-color {rgb(0, 128, 0)}
.color {rgb(0, 128, 0)}
.alert-info {
rgb(0, 128, 0)}

posted this in the OwnerRez Widget but doesn't seem to work. Am I missing something by not listing the CSS class?

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