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VRBO/Expedia joins One Key

Donna M
Apr 4, 2023 2:23 PM
Joined Sep, 2017 37 posts

How will this affect those of us with API connection to VRBO?


Travel rewards. Airlines have them. Hotels do, too. But vacation rentals? We’re excited to share the news that Vrbo, Expedia, and Hotels.com are launching the largest and most comprehensive travel rewards program our brands have ever created, called One Key, and it's launching mid-2023.
When One Key launches in the US* in just a few months, you will be able to earn and use OneKeyCash** (our new rewards currency) on all three brands as a member. With one account, you can book a flight on Expedia, then use the OneKeyCash you earned on a vacation rental on Vrbo—for the first time. How awesome is that?
One rewards program, three brands, countless ways to benefit. One Key is going to change the way you travel, and we will be in touch soon about how you can join for free.
Ken T
Apr 5, 2023 11:40 AM
OR Team Member Joined Aug, 2019 1211 posts

We're not aware of any way that API usage will be affected, though it's early days yet and we don't fully know all of Vrbo's plans.