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Service Animals - the two questions

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Service Animals - the two questions

So, today, I had a person text about a 2 bedroom apartment I had for (longterm) rent.

She asked what the monthly pet fee I charged was.

I asked her what kind of animal (11 year old shnorkie??) - we discuss it a bit

Then she said it was a registered service animal and asked if she still had to pay the pet fee. The hair went up on the back of my neck

I said "why didn't you mention this at first" - sensing a possible lawsuit.

She said a lot of people discriminate against it which is illegal

So I did the two questions "is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? "

She said "Yes - for a mental disability"

Then I asked "what work or task has the dog been trained to perform?"

She then said it was an emotional support animal.

I said that is not a service animal. And that in some jurisdictions, falsely claiming it is a service animal is a misdemeanor.

Then she left the conversation. I am guessing someone trying to get out of a pet fee and it might not even be a support animal!

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Re: Service Animals - the two questions

Good for you! There's way too much of that bullshit going around these days.

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Re: Service Animals - the two questions

All they have to do is a $5,000 fine and misdemeanor for misrepresenting a service animal and the problem goes away.

The ones they really hurt are the disabled.

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