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New user with a Wix website

Erin B
Jan 7, 2022 2:36 PM
Joined Jan, 2022 1 post

Can I use my Wix website with Owner Rez for the booking calendar piece?

Jan 7, 2022 4:45 PM
Joined Jul, 2019 13 posts

We use Wix.  There are some limitations with the booking widgets, but you can take a look at our site to see how we've handled it.  Most traffic goes to Book Now page which offers the widget for searching by a particular date.  If they want to visually look at openings on the calendar, they can scroll down for the ribbon widget.  Then once they've picked the particular yurt that is available from the search results, they click on it and go to the individual yurt page and have to re-enter their info again.  It's not ideal (would be better if info were still populated), but it's our most user-friendly option that we've come up with.  We've tried MANY variations of widgets and this seems best with ownerrez options.  


Also, btw, the home page is a series of "slides," each with the Book Now button loaded on top of the slide.  This worked better than a gallery that stretched across the page, because you can't layer the button on top of the individual gallery photos.