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cancellation on owner statement

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Kismet Propertie
Registered: 9/27/18
cancellation on owner statement

I have a cancelled booking on my owner statement and its' paying the owner on the cancelled reservation? How do I remove?
The booking was entered in May and a cancellation was end of May but the refund went out in June. It was a direct booking.
Anyone ever have this issue?

Paul W
Registered: 6/9/09
Re: cancellation on owner statement

Look at the charges and payments on the booking. Even if the booking is cancelled, there still may be charges showing which will remit earnings to the owner (and commission to you the PM). There are legitimate use cases where cancelled bookings still collect revenue from the guest. Just because the booking is cancelled does not mean it will be dropped from PM. If you want all the money reversed, remove all the charge line items or add additional line items that negate what is there (ie. use negative amounts) so that th etotal balance is $0. Check the booking > PM tab to see the breakdown of charges, payments, etc that is being remitted to the owner and PM. As you adjust the booking's charges, those PM numbers will change.

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