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Zapier Integration Has Graduated and More!

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Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out.

Robert Collier

As seen in our weekly product update blog posts, success is not just a result of one significant action or event but a culmination of consistent, persistent, and intentional small efforts initiated over time. Milestones in the product life of OwnerRez are reached every week - much of the time due to the feedback and support of our users. Read more about our latest milestone (including a graduation!) in this week's product update covering the May 3rd release with 14 updates.

New Features

OwnerRez's Zapier Integration Has Graduated Out of Public Beta!

OwnerRez has graduated! At least Zapier has determined that our Zapier Integration should graduate from the public beta phase to a complete Zapier Public Integration.

OwnerRez wants to thank our brave OR users who helped create hundreds of zaps to accomplish all sorts of practical processes for the OwnerRez community and assisted us in earning this Zapier milestone. 

Curious about what Zapier can do for you? Check out these Trigger & Action "zaps":

Zapier Triggers & Actions

No worries if you've never used Zapier or aren't super comfortable with it yet! Zapier can be used to move info between your web apps automatically so that you can focus on your other important work. The OwnerRez Zap Templates can quickly help you to get started. Below are some creative Zaps that other OwnerRez users found useful and that you too can easily utilize:

OwnerRez Zaps

Now that the OwnerRez Zapier integration is out of beta and users continue creating more innovative zaps, look for more helpful ones in our Zapier support article.

Enhancements & Tweaks

Bedroom, Bathroom, and Maximum Guest Counts Added to the OwnerRez v2 API

The OwnerRez v2 API continues to get better and better! Bedroom, Bathroom, and Maximum Guest Counts have now been added. While this will be helpful for others, we added it to help our friends at Wheelhouse! That's right; in case you missed it, we announced earlier today that they are underway with integrating their dynamic pricing platform with OwnerRez! They are targeting to release the integration later this summer. We look forward to this being available to those users who have patiently awaited it.

OwnerRez v2 API

Learn more about this topic by reading the API for Apps support article. 

Bug Fixes

Airbnb Listing Import Now Supports Airbnb Alias URLs. Users trying to import Airbnb property listing content using the Airbnb alias URLs (e.g.,https://airbnb.com/h/acmecabin) were experiencing errors because our importer was looking for a formatted link with the room number: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12345. This has been adjusted to follow the more "vanity" (or alias) link through to the standard Airbnb URL to import successfully.

Property Import Now Supports Airbnb Alias URLs. Airbnb has been using 64-bit listing numbers for new listings and the OwnerRez property import/export tools were truncating them, so we fixed that. We also updated to export the full listing URL instead of just the listing number. This bug fix also included tying in from the bug above and now the property import spreadsheet also supports full Airbnb URLs and not just listing numbers.

Canceling a Booking With a Partial Refund Creates Duplicate Expenses. When PM users canceled a booking with a partial refund, they ended up with two sets of refund expenses on the booking. This bug has been fixed to handle partial refund expenses properly. The affected PM users have been notified about those canceled bookings.

Expired Security Deposits Now Clearly Indicate if Reauthorization Failed. This was an edge case where a user experienced a failed security deposit upon reauthorization due to insufficient funds on the guest's credit card. The security deposit hold status was initially active and valid, but the booking transactions tab noted that the security deposit reauthorization was declined repeatedly and failed in the OwnerRez booking. This bug has been fixed to now display a grey "Expired" label in the status item (instead of the green succeeded) and to change the status text to "Originally succeeded, but reauthorization failed."

Fixed an Error When Viewing a Canceled Booking at a Since Deleted Property. Users would experience an error when viewing canceled bookings at a deleted OR property. This bug has been fixed, and users can now view canceled bookings from their OwnerRez deleted properties correctly.

Fixed an Error When Viewing a Hosted Website Blog Post. Users were experiencing errors when viewing Hosted Website blog posts. This bug has been fixed and Hosted Website blog posts will now render and display correctly.

Fixed a Validation Failure When a Refund is Attempted on a Stripe Payment at a Property That has Changed Payment Methods. We found that users were experiencing credit card validation failures when refunds were attempted for properties that had changed payment methods to a new Stripe method. This bug has been fixed and refunds will now process correctly despite any modified payment methods.

Fixed Save Button Gets Stuck in "Saving" State if Attachment Upload Fails on Record Expense. When PM users uploaded a file with no extension, an error was correctly displayed. However, if the user attempted to fix the error by removing the incorrect file, the "Save" button would not revert, instead displaying an infinite spinner "Saving" icon state, forcing the user to reload the page. This bug has been fixed.

Increase Maximum Upload Size for Channel Bridge Exports. Users were finding that their Channel Bridge (CB) exports were receiving errors due to their CB file size being too large. OwnerRez has expanded the upload file size to be able to import larger CB export file sizes.

Properly Show 'Days Ago' Relative to the Security Deposit Reauthorized Date in "Reauthorized" Alert. Reauthorized Security Deposit email alert 'days ago' for "Reauthorized On" was displaying relative to the departure date, not the date of reauthorization. This bug has been fixed for that line of the Reauthorized email alert.

Validate Season Minimum Nights Setting is Less Than Maximum Nights. When users created a season and set the minimum nights to a greater number than the maximum nights, they were not receiving an error to correct this conflicting rule. Users should not be able to do that, and we have added validation to prevent a user from setting things this way.