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Who is really staying at your vacation rental?

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SF Couple Leaves For Burning Man And Their Hired Housesitter Airbnb's Their Apartment


 Yikes! Do you know what or who is actually staying at your home or vacation rental when you are not there? A San Francisco couple might have gotten more than they bargained for by letting a professional house sitter watch their home. They put their apartment on AirB&B! They should at least gotten a cut of the profit.

Which brings us to our next topic, do your really know who is staying at your rental? Or better yet, what they are doing? Some homeowners use referrals, credit checks or only rent to friends and family. But these steps can be counterproductive, time consuming and just plain annoying.

So how do you insure that the person you are renting to says who they are? Cameras? Random “checks”. Maybe a larger security deposit is key. What do you think?